Conceptual Product Design

Cringe-Aid Kit

The term 'cringe' is now a common part of pop culture and daily conversations, used to describe people's physical discomfort when experiencing first or second embarrassment.

In response to this widespread phenomenon, I created the Cringe-Aid Kit, featuring four conceptual products designed to help users avoid awkward situations and emotions from various angles. Our unique products are specifically designed to relieve the uncomfortable and often cringe-inducing moments of everyday life, enabling you to feel more confident and at ease in social situations.

Cringe Topic Censor Kit:

Courage Candy:
Confi Zone

Panic Button:
Cringe Exit

Bedtime Cringe Relief Pill:

Cringe Topic Censor Kit - Shush!  

Topic Censor Kit is one of the products in the Cringe-Aid Kit. Topic Censor Kit includes 36 band-aid look-alike patches of 6 uncomfortable topics you may experience, including Offensive jokes, Sex life, Political Opinion, Bad Humor, Substance Usage, and Ignorance. Put on the patch of the topic you want to avoid talking about 20 mins before the activity so that the chemical will mute your voice when you try to talk about the topic or topics. Unless someone can read your lips, you can enjoy a cringe-free conversation anywhere.

Courage Candy - Confi Zone

Confi Zone is one of the products in the Cringe-Aid Kit. Confi Zone is a special candy that gives you a 30-second boost of confidence after consumption. During this time, you'll feel more self-assured and less likely to feel ashamed or embarrassed. For best results, consume right away when you said or do something that may be considered cringe or uncomfortable.

Panic Button - Cringe Exit

Cringe Exit is one of the products in the Cringe-Aid Kit. Cringe Exit is a small button that packs a big punch. With six different sound effects, including the iOS default alarm, smoke detector alarm, doorbell ring, and more. Cringe Exit is the perfect tool to help distract people from your cringe-worthy words or actions.

Whenever you find yourself in an awkward or cringe-inducing situation, simply reach into your pocket and press the button to activate one of the sound effects. The sudden noise will catch people off guard and divert their attention away from your cringe-worthy moment.

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Bedtime Cringe Relief Pills - 

C-Relief is one of the products in the Cringe-Aid Kit. We understand how difficult it can be to let go of cringe-inducing memories, especially when they keep you up at night. That's why we've developed these specially formulated bedtime cringe-relief pills to help you escape the torment of your worst cringe experiences. C-Relief Pills provide roughly 30 minutes of cringe-related memory loss. The powerful benzodiazepines in the pills help relieve anxiety and muscle spasms, while the melatonin helps you fall asleep more naturally and quickly. With C-Relief in your Cringe-Aid Kit, you can enjoy peaceful, cringe-free sleep anytime and anywhere.